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The only way to improve your dealership is to know where you stand. 


Cyber criminals are constantly evolving and so should your dealership's IT services. Unsure of where to start, or what steps to take in order to better protect your dealership, customers, employees, and personal data?


The ACX Dealership Assessment is a one day assessment that will review your retail facilities IT operations to identify where you're protected and where you are not. This assessment will provide you with attainable short and long term steps to improve your daily IT operations and better protect your facility and dealership's reputation. 

How do you know if your dealership or automotive retail facility is protected? 

The ACX Dealership Assessment is a professional consulting service that will provide a holistic review of your dealership's current IT service levels related to equipment/hardware, software, and day to day support including all aspects of daily IT operations. 

The goal is to develop a vision and step by step process for your dealership to effectively use technology and support all aspects of your automotive retail facility. Our Assessment is the cornerstone of efforts to improve the balance between demand for more and better technology, innovation, cybersecurity, capital, and operating funds. 

Once the assessment is complete, you will be given a holistic report outlining effective and pro-active recommendations that should be taken in order to address immediate, short-and long term vulnerabilities and needs across your dealership's IT infrastructure.

The goal is to ensure that your business technology services are a platform for innovative and progressive business process improvements. This will ensure the effective and efficient delivery of high-quality services by all your dealership departments to your customers, stakeholders, and team members.

Benefits of an ACX Dealership Assessment? 

By conducting an ACX Dealership Assessment of your automotive retail facilities you demonstrate that you are taking your responsibility to protect your employees and customer’s personal information seriously. 

  1. Understanding where you are protected and where you need to improve

  2. Presented with attainable steps to improve your current vulnerabilities 

  3. Identify gaps in IT infrastructure and how to fix these gaps 

  4. Build a clear and proactive path to developing your IT infrastructure

  5. Potential to improve your team’s cyber awareness knowledge

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