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Securing automotive retail spaces with next-gen cyber security solutions.



Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly more commonplace. Small and medium-sized organizations are prime targets because they lack the expertise and processes to maintain and protect company and client data assets.

Dealerships are being targeted. In 2021, the CDK Global 2021 State of Cybersecurity in the Dealership Report reflected that the average ransomware payout had increased seventeen-fold in two years, up to $220,298 per incident. That's an average, although, the individual demand could range into the millions. 

Dealerships store and process copious amounts of client-sensitive information as part of their daily processes which present potential target vectors for cyber criminals. 

A cyber solution tailored to automotive retail spaces: Vulnerability Scanning Services

Leveraging years of experience delivering enterprise grande cyber solutions in major financial institutions and national telecom providers. Autocyberworx combines the hardened technology and security process fundamentals with the operational practices of a mid-sized organization. Autocyberworx Vulnerability Security Services offers an outsourced and affordable service that helps automotive retail spaces identify their IT security requirements.

Services Overview

• Deploy an automated technical process to identify vulnerabilities in your network on a scheduled basis.
• Formulate consistent remediation activities to mitigate identified exposures.

• Deliver staff security awareness training, education, and testing.
• Build an incident response process to address ad-hoc security attacks in real-time.
• Deliver quarterly executive reports to adjust the security strategy to meet dealership objectives.

Why Autocyberworx?

  1. ACX is your Qualified Technology Partner who can deliver a cybersecurity solution tailored to your business needs.

  2. As your Trusted Business Partner, ACX provides global 24x7x365 support with guaranteed emergency service assistance.

  3. ACX solutions are based on enterprise grade technology solutions designed for the automotive industry.


A methodical process to fine-tune your security policies to manage corporate and IT organizational risk.

The Autocyberworx vulnerability scanning service helps identify key risks and exposures and summarizes them in a clear executive report. This report coordinates remediation activities to safeguard critical corporate technical assets.

ACX services provide your dealership with a process to fine-tune your security policies and enhance your overall cybersecurity profile to mitigate risks. The comprehensive process incorporates the three principles of cybersecurity:


  • Confidentiality

  • Integrity

  • Availability (CIA)

Cyber Security threats will continue to evolve.

Dealerships need security solutions that are continuously improving  and evolving to help manage the risk to their IT operations and mitigate their legal liabilities.

Cybersecurity management is critical for business relations.

Dealerships today must demonstrate their ability to safeguard private information when dealing with their customers, partners, and government bodies.

Meeting regulatory compliance.

The Autocyberworx Vulnerability Scanning service is designed to meet regulatory compliance for the strictest regulations governed by GDPR, PCIDSS, and HIPAA to name a few.

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