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As cyber criminals become more aggressive, dealership's need to take aggressive action in protecting their sensitive data.



No cyber defence strategy is full-proof. 

Autocyberworx Data Protection Service is a subscription-based cloud service that guarantees data protection and allows an organization’s IT systems to continue to operate even in the event of a crisis. This service enables a dealership to rapidly recover from any system outage without impact to day to day operations.


• Guaranteed data protection enables organizations to continue business operations in the event of a ransomware attack
• Guaranteed emergency services during times of crisis

• A proven solution with enterprise-scaled organizations
• On-going access to Autocyberworx staff for cyber-defence support

• Doubles as corporate data protection for all types of disasters including data corruption, ransomware, human error, flood, etc.


• Automated Daily Data Backups to a secured datacentre

• Monthly Service Level Reports
• Annual and Quarterly Review meetings
• Ad-hoc Testing and Audit Reporting

• Global 24 x 7 x 365 support
• Emergency Services during times of crisis


Daily, automated data protection ensures your business can run without interruption.


Automated backup. The Autocyberworx data protection solution provides an automated backup service to ensure sensitive business data of all your IT assets are securely backed up and transferred to an encrypted and secure datacentre.

Agent-less and multi-site. Autocyberworx data protection services is an agent-less, multi-site backup/recovery software that combines utility service provisioning with a disk-based WAN-optimized architecture.


Complete Asset Protection

• IT Cloud infrastructure protection: AWS and Microsoft Azure
• Cloud applications protection: Office 365 email, G Suite, and Salesforce
• IT on-premise infrastructure protection: physical and virtual systems, applications and databases
• Employee client mobile device protection: laptops, tablets, and phones

Complete Business Coverage

• Fully managed service with a comprehensive cyber defence strategy
• Hosted in Tier 3 datacentre with Canadian data residency

• Addresses all relevant compliance and regulations

• Long-term, scalable data retention

• Automated data recovery

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