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Enterprise-grade solutions designed for automotive retail facilities.



Cyber attacks are the fastest growing crime vertical in the world. Cyber crimes are increasing in size, sophistication, and cost.

  • The average total cost of a data breach for Canadian companies was $4.5 Million (USD) according to 2020 report

  • Canada had the 3rd most security breaches of any country in 2017


The business risk exposure of a cyber-attack continues to grow as the attack vectors become more sophisticated. Hackers are targeting small and mid-sized businesses by exploiting IT resource shortages and outdated technologies.


Further, customers are looking to dealerships to provide cyber protection for their personal information. ACX can help you ease their comfort through our Managed Security Service. When your client inquires “if you are an ACX partner?”, you can feel confident with your response,“YES".

The Autocyberworx Security Practice

Autocyberworx Managed Security Service offers an outsourced and affordable solution that assist dealerships in managing their IT security requirements. Autocyberworx has developed a proven, comprehensive solution that addresses the technology, processes, and people factors that present risks to automotive retail spaces.

Through the ACX Managed Security Service, you can expect an end-to-end solution that is based on years of experience deploying and managing enterprise security infrastructure services. Subscribers will also benefit from a proactive approach to security management, highlighting the attacks prevented and reopening suspicious activity that needs to be addressed immediately. The ACX Managed Security Service will put you in the know. Through ACX pro-active vulnerability reports you will be able to identify new and ever changing attack vectors and prevent suspicious activity from making headway. 

Services Overview

Automated weekly vulnerability reports. Monitor for new and ever changing security attack vectors and vulnerabilities with weekly reports that will identify problem areas and provide pro-active solutions in order to take immediate action.

Monthly service level reporting. Aggregate monthly reporting will provide deep insights into the cyberattacks that were prevented and identify additional areas of concern and solutions in order to take pro-active action. 


Global support with 24 x 7 x 365 coverage.

Guaranteed emergency services during times of crisis. Having a technology partner to call will resolve issues quickly and get your dealership back up and running with minimal downtime.


• Fully managed company firewall.

Eliminate the threat of loss from disaster and secure your data sets.

24/7 monitoring and remediation of your data, system, and network.

Create operational efficiencies that can save labour costs and improve the customer experience.

• WI-FI security.

Configure and secure your company and guest wifi networks across your organization.

• Endpoint security protection.

• Quarterly Management Reporting.

• Network vulnerability scanning to highlights.

Secure SD-WAN services. As businesses increasingly use the public internet to scale their network services, new attack vectors will also emerge. Scale your network traffic using the public internet in a secure and scalable way with Autocyberworx secure, managed SD-WAN service.

Managed Security Operating Centre (SOC). Delivering a range of managed services tailored to your automotive retail facility. Customers will benefit from several managed services including event management (SIEM), managed detection services, and Al-driven threat intelligence detection to name a few.

Managed Cloud Security Service. With more critical workloads moving to the cloud, sprawling cloud infrastructures increase security operations complexity, leaving cloud-native security tools, customer cloud infrastructures are monitored with consistent security protection, policy management, and configuration management.

A trusted technology partner. We are pleased to offer a complete managed security services portfolio right-sized to your automotive dealership.

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