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What Happened With Rogers?

On Friday, July 8th a huge majority of Canada woke up without service. No internet, no cable, no cell service, and no Interac.

Despite the general inconvenience of not being connected, there were major implications to this outage. Organizations and dealerships alike were completely cut off from their networks - this meant, no sales, no access to schedule appointments, inability to order products or schedule deliveries.

So, how did the recent Rogers Outage affect your #dealerships daily operations?

Did you have access to your network or were you completely cut off?

What sort of negative impacts did your retail space face?

How long did it take for your dealership to get back up and running?

Are you running as normal now or still facing technical issues?

Network infrastructure and cloud applications are becoming increasingly important within the automotive industry. Not having access to your network can be extremely detrimental to your dealerships overall success and daily operations.

Dealerships and automotive retail spaces are relying on cloud applications like never before. Cloud applications allow organizations to be at the forefront of digital innovations, to keep their users connected, and businesses thriving.

Is there a way of preventing another potential outage?

If there is another outage, is there a way of keeping your dealership up and running?

The ACX Dealership Assessment is a great way to assess your overall IT infrastructure and identify areas of improvement, which will present pro-active ways of keeping your dealership up and running despite network disruptions.

Learn more about the ACX Dealership Assessment...

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